Managed project:

CodevHub will provide a single point of contact that will work with the client to ensure we are clear on requirements and goals. We will manage our team internally and provide reports according to the requirements and achievements achieved during the execution of the project. We will bill at a flat rate and based on discussions we have in advance for the needs of the project.

Staff augmentation:

Provide software development personnel and other profiles for the execution of your project, such as: Web Developers (front-end and back-end), Mobile App Developers, Fullstack Developers, Project/Product Managers, DevOps, DBAs, etc. These technical resources will be available to the client to work on their projects under their guidance and guidelines, in order to meet the technical requirements of their software project. The personnel assigned to the client are fully qualified to communicate in English with the client and follow their agile development methodology. We will invoice a flat rate according to the amount of technical resources that the project requires.


We provide consulting and technical talks focused on the implementation of new technologies and platforms and aimed at the IT staff of our clients.

We will hold an initial meeting with our client where we will define the issues that they wish to be addressed in our consultancies. We charge a fee according to the number of sessions, number of personnel to be trained and the complexity of the topic to be treated.

In addition to having technical training, we have professionals in management of technical personnel such as: team management, construction of IT equipment, definition of requirements, project monitoring and compliance, etc.


Working Process

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